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women empowerment through Economic developement (case study 2 image)

Damyanti Devi was a lady who worked as a maid servant in other people’s home. She worked because her husband didn’t support her. He was a drunkard. As Damyanti didn’t have a home, people also tried to exploit her. One day she reached the GCK office and asked for help.

She narrated her story to the secretary of GCK. The Secretary had asked her, what she can do for her economic development. She replied, saying that she can run a business, but she didn’t have the money. The secretary asked about her business plan and supported her by giving Rs. 2000, under the Trickle up programme.

Damyanti started with a small business. She sold nuts. After six months, it increased her capital and she expanded her business to sell fruits. When she began to earn money, her husband started to disturb her. She came to GCK and asked for suggestions. The GCK Chief, suggested to inform about it to the police station. The police took action and arrested him. The police threatened him not to repeat such behaviour and left him. After some time her husband left all his bad habits and helped Damyanti. She’s spending a happy life with her family now. She has a good business of fruits and vegetables. She has her own house and her children go to school. Now, she’s self dependent and is living with dignity.