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Change the Life standrad of dalit community through education (case study 1 image)

GCK started work with the AIM of bringing a change in the life of the Dalit community girls. Thus, the organization started an Education programme in 1995 with the Dalit girl child. Here is a case study about it.

In 1995, there was no girl child of the Dalit community who went to school. The Partapur Block is a remote area of the district. From this selected area, 30 girls were identified and the residential educational programme was started for them. This programme was scheduled for 1 year. Initially, parents were not ready to send their children for the programme. But with the help of a volunteer, Mr. Bigan Bharti, the organization succeeded in its aim. About, 30 girls studies in our residential education centre for 1 year. Thereafter, the girls gain an interest to continue their studies. This thought, shows a great change in their living standard and life style. When they return home, they again enroll themselves in class 5 or 6 standard in their respective schools.

They continue their study and motivate other girls to enroll themselves in schools. The girls also continue their studies after marriage. Before 1995, no girl from this area who belong to the Dalit and the Backward community, completed the 5th class standard of education. However, in the present situation, around 200 girls are literate and can take part in the decision making process of their families. They have completed higher education and the members of their families take suggestions from them for their younger brother’s or sister’s education. These girls also aware the community and their families against the social evils, such as alcoholism, witchcraft, child marriage, untouchability, etc. Few girls who have delivered their vote of thanks to GCK for changing their lives, are Sita Kumari, Silpa Kumari, Siwani, Rekha, Suman, etc.

The Dalit community, now is aware about the education of their child. They also want better education and a better lifestyle. Men and women of this community understood that they are also a part of the society. Hence, they also should have social dignity and economic empowerment which can be gained by better education and better living standard. Hereby, due to the intervention of GCK, a change in the community is noticed.