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Change the Life standrad of dalit community through education (case study 1 image)

Change the life standard of the Dalit community through Education

GCK started work with the AIM of bringing a change in the life of the Dalit community girls. Thus, the organization started an Education programme in 1995 with the Dalit girl child. Here is a case study about it. In 1995, there was no girl child of the Dalit community who went to school. The […]

women empowerment through Economic developement (case study 2 image)

Women Empowerment through Economic Development

Damyanti Devi was a lady who worked as a maid servant in other people’s home. She worked because her husband didn’t support her. He was a drunkard. As Damyanti didn’t have a home, people also tried to exploit her. One day she reached the GCK office and asked for help. She narrated her story to […]