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GCK has started their work since 1994 with the excluded community in various areas of their problems:

1. Focus on the underprivileged people of the region:-
The Dalits (Bhuyian, Ganjhu, Paswan, Turi, Charmakar) and PTGs (Birhor and Biga) are the most deprived and underprivileged of the region. GCK has tried to train the people by organizing various training programmes to impart various skills to enhance their capacity.2. Advocacy:-

GCK has been working for the deprived community, especially the SC. Various Padyatras and advocacy workshops has been organized to make people aware and demand for their entitlements from the Government.3. Mainstreaming:-

GCK has been working to mainstream the girls from the socially excluded groups. Residential Bridge Course Education programme for girls, under the Sarva Siksha Abhiyan and Balika Siksha Sambardhan (A programme under 10th finance commission supported through district administration) has been taken up by GCK for the girl child of 10-14 years. This initiative was taken to help the dropouts continue their education. Special classes are also organized for those who aren’t enrolled in the school.

4. Legal literacy Campaign:-
GCK has been working to make people legally aware about the various Programmes and laws which is essential for demanding their entitlements from the government.

5. Setting up of educational institute:-
GCK has been working to set up educational institutions. The overall objective is to impart quality education among the people of the area so that they are empowered to take up the issues forward.

6. Institution building:-
GCK has focussed on building institutions, especially SHOs and youth organizations, since people based institutions will be the base of development. By forming SHOs and youth organizations the people will be empowered and capable of taking steps for their own development. Under this activity, the Organization has also developed various types of CBOs, like ai???Kishori Club, NREGA watch groupai??? among the youth of excluded groups, which is the great strength in the area and the organization to work among them.

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